About us
General Office hours of operation:
09:00 AM to 05:00 PM PT, M-F
Medianet Systems, Inc
Medianet Systems, Inc, MNS, was founded in 2007 in the West Coast Bay area.
MNS specializes in Media Networking, including the A/V System, Data and Phone System, and
Surveillance System.
All of the Media Networking System is based on the Computer Network at this moment and specified
knowledge of the Computer Network is required.
Our founder Jack Park is highly specialized in the Media Networking through his 20 years of
experience and is currently developing a new idea called the 'Black Box' for the next generation of
the media network device with Plug And Play.
Our Alpha and Omega goal is our Customer.
This is all we can say to our Customer:
"You are my VIP"
Our Spirit